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Colleges Against Cancer

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About Colleges Against Cancer

Colleges Against Cancer (CAC) is a nationwide collaboration of college students, faculty, and staff dedicated to eliminating cancer by working to implement the programs and mission of the American Cancer Society. With hundreds of chapters nationwide, CAC is showing the world that young people care and want to make a difference.

How many college organizations do you know that involve the entire campus community and surrounding area? CAC does just that through four Strategic Directions: Advocacy, Cancer Education, Relay For Life, and Survivorship. By working to advance the mission of the American Cancer Society, the Strategic Directions are areas in which college students are easily engaged.

CAC Guidebook

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Colleges Against Cancer gives students the opportunity to bring the fight against cancer to the campus, while receiving support and guidance from a local Society office.  With currently more than 450 chapters nationwide, thousands of college students are making an impact on their campuses and the surrounding communities.  Cities are becoming smoke-free, legislation protecting cancer patients is being passed, and hundreds of thousands of college students across the country are learning cancer education and prevention information – knowledge that will promote a cancer-free future.  But, there is still much to be done, and we invite you to join in our efforts to eliminate cancer by starting a CAC chapter on your campus.

Colleges Against Cancer chapters focus their efforts on four strategic directions – advocacy, cancer education, Relay For Life, and survivorship.  These areas have become a basis for the structure and activities of our chapters, which is explained in Suggested Leadership Roles and Job Descriptions.

There are numerous additional resources that you can regularly access; best of all, these tools are updated and maintained by the CAC National Executive Team – college students who work with CAC Chapters on their campuses.  The Suggested Chapter Timeline and Activities will give you examples of events and activities your chapter can implement.  Also, CAC volunteers from around the country share best practices and discuss challenges on monthly conference calls, and in the CAC monthly newsletter.

As you work with your Society staff partner, we look forward to helping you.  We are the leaders of tomorrow, but CAC chapters are leading an important fight TODAY!    Thank you, again, for your interest in Colleges Against Cancer.

 National Collegiate Advisory Team click to expand

DJ Wise - Communications Chair

NCAT bio pic DJ

DJ will graduate from Georgetown University in May of 2013 with a degree in Government and English.  Following graduation, DJ will be teaching high school English in Las Vegas as a member of Teach For America.  He has been Relaying since his freshmen year of college, but his personal reason to relay dates back further.  DJ relays in memory of his uncle Tim Wise who died of cancer in the spring of 2006 and his father, Barney Wise who passed away from brain cancer in August of 2006.  He relays so that more fathers get to see their sons graduate from college. 

Jenni Nadler  - Resources Chair

NCAT bio pic Jenni

Jenni Nadler will be graduating from Chapman University in May 2013 with a B.A. in Communication Studies and a minor in Leadership & Organizational Studies. She first got involved with Relay as a freshman in high school, and has been Relaying ever since. Jenni Relays for her mother, who has been battling a brain tumor for 15 years. Cancer has changed her life, and she Relays so that no family has to go through what her family has. Relay brings hope, and the only thing greater than fear is hope.

Perry Reed - Relay For Life Co-Chair

NCAT Bio Perry2
Perry will be graduating from UCLA in 2013 with a degree in Cognitive Science.  He got started with Colleges Against Cancer his freshman year.  He Relays in memory of his childhood friend Ryan McGee, as well as countless family members including his grandmother and great-uncle.  To him, Relay For Life means community.  He gets his motivation from fellow Relayers and knowing that HOPE is always greater.  It's time to finish the fight!

Nicole Garcia - Cancer Education Chair

NCAT bio pic Nicole
Nicole will graduate from the University of Michigan in 2013 with a Bachelor of Science in Latino Studies. She plans on applying to graduate school for Public Health to begin work in Cancer Prevention and Control! She attended her first Relay in 2000 and has been involved ever since. Nicole Relays for all of her loved ones who have lost the battle and those who were able to win the fight. We have the wonderful opportunity to fight back with those we celebrate and those we remember, so let's spread the mission and finish the fight!

Sara Eberhardt - Relay For Life Co-Chair

NCAT bio pic Sara

As an 18 year kidney cancer survivor, Sara went to her first Relay For Life in Cottage Grove, Minnesota as an Honorary Speaker. She Relays for her grandpa and all those who have been affected by cancer. During her freshman year of college, Sara joined Colleges Against Cancer at Winona State University in Minnesota, where she will graduate with a degree in Biology. She has been a Relayer for 7 years and won't stop until the fight is finished! Live. Laugh. Relay.

Kyle Polke - Program Growth & Development Chair

NCAT Bio Pic Kyle
Kyle will graduate from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2015 with a Bachelor of Science in Communication. He got involved with the American Cancer Society and Relay For Life by participating, planning, and chairing the largest high school Relay For Life in the country. After he graduated, he continued to be heavily involved with the Society on a local, divisional, and national level. Kyle currently serves on the Leadership Team of his Colleges Against Cancer chapter and fights back for friends, family, and loved ones. Let’s finish the fight!

Raha Assadi-Lamouki - Advocacy Chair


Raha graduated from the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities in December of 2012 with a B.A. in Sociology of Law, Crime, & Deviance as well as a minor in Political Science. She will be attending law school in the fall of 2013. Raha began relaying in Junior High, has been relaying ever since, and got involved in Colleges Against Cancer as a freshman at the U. Raha relays for her little brother, a brain tumor, lymphoma, and leukemia survivor. She also relays for the other loved ones in her life that have had to hear those 3 dreaded words. We have the opportunity to give a voice those who have lost their lives to cancer, so let's make our voices as loud as possible, and let's finish this fight!

Kali Vozeh - Survivor & Caregiver Engagement Chair


Kali Vozeh is currently a sophomore at Marist College in NY studying Studio Art, but was born and raised as a Jersey girl!  She got involved with Relay For Life in high school at in her hometown and has since caught the Relay bug.  Kali gets her motivation to Relay from losing her Grandpa to cancer when she was 12.  Relay is more than an event to her, it is being apart of a movement that will put an end to cancer forever. 



 Conference Call Schedule click to expand

National Colleges Against Cancer and Collegiate Relay For Life

Conference Calls: Fall 2013 – Spring 2014

For all calls, dial 1-888-512-3142 and enter 00853932# as the passcode! Attendance will be taken on the calls. If you have questions or comments, e-mail us at We are excited to hear from you!


Quarterly Calls: These calls will be led by members of the National Collegiate Advisory Team (NCAT) and will feature information and updates on each of the four strategic directions of advocacy, cancer education, Relay For Life, and survivor & caregiver engagement. These calls are open to all campus Relay For Life events in addition to Colleges Against Cancer chapters.


Tuesday, 10/1 | 8PM and 10 PM ET

Tuesday, 11/12 | 8PM and 10 PM ET

Tuesday, 2/11 | 8PM and 10 PM ET

Tuesday, 3/25 | 8PM and 10 PM ET


Connects Calls: These calls will provide an open forum for you to ask questions, share ideas, and connect with other students across the country. The members of the National Collegiate Advisory Team (NCAT) will facilitate these discussions, but we want your input! Does your campus need help solving a problem? Do you have an idea for a resource? Did your committee create a program that you want to share with others? Join the call, hear from other students, and share your expertise!


Tuesday, 9/17 | 8PM and 10PM ET

Tuesday, 10/29 | 8PM and 10PM ET

Tuesday, 1/28 | 8PM and 10PM ET

Tuesday, 3/11 | 8PM and 10PM ET


(NOTE:Your chapter must participate in two Quarterly Calls and two Connects Call to be considered for Leader of Hope recognition in 2014. For more information about the requirements for becoming a Leader of Hope, see the 2014 Year-­‐End Report!)

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